Smart City

Smart City Strategies
Smart Governance
Training and Capacity Building

Governments and technology companies are responsible for implementing the strategic value of smart cities to achieve true social progress and economic growth for the communities they serve. Cities need to work like urban platforms. They are like operating systems able to standardize the performance of daily functions, using data from mobile devices, sensors and the cloud, which enable centralised management of information.

Urban Strategy

Concept Design
Master Planning
Citizen Engagement

Mediaurban is also a full service master planning and city development company, with architects specializing in the transformation of complex urban spaces. Our mission is to develop great cities for people, working at scale to create networks of high quality buildings connected by a tissue of great public spaces. We share the belief that the city of the future must be built around vibrant, shared and technified urban spaces. Mediaurban's vision is based on an integrated conception of the city, acknowledging the interdependence between people's well-being and urban design.

City Branding

Strategic Positioning
Identity Building
Digital Branding

The digital world allows the definition of powerful city branding strategies to raise awareness and attention on a global stage. Mediaurban offers the full service spectrum of city branding strategies building on each city's cultural, social and economic assets. We follow the values of the latest trends to position your city among the leaders in urban innovation.

Digital Experience

Digital Urban Platform
Digital Fabrication Athaeneums
Digital Experience Shows

The digitation of everything expands our human experience form learning to manufacturing, shopping, media, government, culture, sports, tourism, health-care... Governments, manufacturers and service providers need to become fully integrated digital organizations to meet the expectations of an ever increasing tech-savvy and demanding society.
Social networking, big data, mobile, cloud computing, IoT, smart devices and wearables enhance human interaction transforming the way we think, behave and relate to others. Success in the digital world demands close collaboration and building trust networks with clients, citizens and partners, imagining unique real-life digital experiences.