1. At Mediaurban, we are tech advocates, and we believe that cities need to be smarter in order to face the challenges of the 21st century.

2. Smart Cities are not cities filled with ICT infrastructure, but cities that use technology wisely to tackle issues that cannot be solved using traditional means.

3. But data and information need to be insightful for urban managers and political leaders to take informed decisions.

4. Also, to consolidate Smart City technology as a disruptive tool, the private sector needs to understand collective challenges and social demands.

5. Public services have to serve people, and not the other way round. Smart Cities allow for the first time to deliver efficient public services, empower citizens and share resources in a single programme.

6. City professionals need to deploy interdisciplinary knowledge and an open attitude against the challenges and contradictions of contemporary urban life.

7. In an urban world, cities open to change and flexible planning are essential to help big ideas become viable solutions for the future.

8. Best practices and experiences around the world show that good urban design is based on facts, not only on intuition.

9. So, in the digital age, cities can benefit from technology by:
a. Empowering ordinary people to contribute to city transformation,

b. helping design professionals to deliver appropriate strategies,

c. making public policies become truly impactful,

d. and assisting individuals to contribute sound city solutions for their communities.
10. If you have an idea, at Mediaurban we will help you make it grow, designing it, building consensus and making it viable for implementation.